4 Home Decorating Tricks By Lal Haveli


Everyone dreams of having a beautiful home that is not just good to look at, but also offers comfort. Whether it is the Kids Room, the Living Room, the Kitchen or the Office Space, a little bit of care and attention can help you to make your living space every bit inviting, decorative and pleasant.

If your apartment or house does not look totally fabulous, perhaps you should read the following advice on giving your space a makeover that will change your life.
– Your style Home stylists support that you should make your home a reflection of who you are. In order to find the style that best corresponds to your taste, go through magazines and house catalogs and tear out pictures you like. When you have a pile of pages, look for common themes. For example, you may realize that the pictures you have been saving illustrate rooms that have colored walls or lots of patterns or similar artwork.
Amazing Bed spreads

Another way to gain insight into your style is to think of your most beloved object. It actually represents things you are passionate about. So, if your attracted by a bed spread , you feel you are into eye-pleasing things and comfort. Try to incorporate those elements into your own home.
bed spread
Handicraft products

– Your color scheme for your house to release a balanced and welcoming atmosphere, each room should have matching wall curtains to showcase the beauty of your décor and it should be matching with your wall paints. Throw pillows, vases, lamp shades and wall hangings can add a lot to your décor.

Bedroom Decor
Elegant Rugs

– Your textures If the main color scheme of your house is neutral, mixing up textures you like is extremely important, since your house can look flat without an interplay between hard and soft, shinny and matte. Thus, rugs and throws should be combined with sleek surfaces..


Carpets & Rugs 2

Highlighting Ceiling Lamp

To make the ceiling look higher, try a very pale color or white to make it recede. You could try painting the ceiling sky blue so it looks like you are looking up to the never ending sky when you look up towards the ceiling and then adding a ceiling lamp to it will make it more impressing.



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