Quick Bedroom Makeover

Do you feel your Bedroom a bit dated or Boring? After reading this article you will get effortless solution! Follow our design pros best tips to make your décor fresher than ever.

Add a Bloom

On your Bed side Table put a crystal bud vase with a single flower. Flower color should be match with wall color. You’ll have something beautiful to wake up to. Crystal flower vase add an attractive look in decor and brighten the look of room.

Décor a Faux Headboard 

The saddest sight in a bedroom is a bed with no presence. If you don’t want to invest in a true Headboard, anything with scale will do—oversized framed art, a mandala tapestry or blanket mounted on the wall, or a folding screen.

Wall décor can brighten and bring life to your room. . If you don’t have something large scale, a collection of collection of  Wall Sculptures, Jhrokha, African Face Mask, Wall Clock to the wall will work and change it up throughout the year.

Strip Down Your Cushion/Bolster

Remove your old cushion cover or bolster cover and expose the white cushion/Bolster underneath for a quick refresh that won’t cost a dime.

DSC_2693 psd copy.jpg fanal-1

Beautiful Window Curtains

Banarsi Silk Curtains add ethnic touch in décor and make the interior fabulous. Add a touch of sophistication to your living room interiors by getting 2-piece curtain by lalhaveli.

Fun Lighting Feature.Add glass ceiling lamp in interior design which is handcrafted and when you turn on your lights in the evening the lamp will create a unique patterned affect around the room.